Video Work
Matthew Burton McFaul
Updated 07/04/09
Showreel 2 
Image from Showreel 2 Motion graphics for RTE Comedy show and 3 National Lottery Campaigns
Titles - Stephen K Amos Stephen K Amos in Studio Title Sequence for BBC3 Comedy pilot
Titles - Slink TV Slink TV Logo Title Sequence for BBC Teen Concept
Titles - Ape

Ape on Green background Title Sequence for E4 Comedy Show 'Ape'
Showreel 1 Badiators logo Motion Graphics for BBC3 Show 'The Wall'
CrossBone trailer CrossBone title card Trailer for BBC Interactive Drama Format: 'CrossBone The Death of Valkyrie King'
Signs Of Life trailer Astrological ephemeris from Signs Of Life Trailer for the £1m immersive drama for the BBC

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